Sadie holds qualifications in soft tissue therapy and facial massage which has led to the creation of a unique online workshop experience using professional techniques in massage, lymphatic drainage, pressure points and stretching to leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Experience the magic of a Feel Good Facial along with your friends or peers, from the comfort of your own home, allowing you to release tension, destress, and help you find that all-important glow!



  • Massage releases muscular tension 

  • Sculpts and lifts the face

  • Aids lymphatic drainage 

  • Relaxes the central nervous system 

  • Aids decongestion 



  • An introduction to massage

  • A simple exercise to relax the body

  • Expert techniques 

  • A follow-along routine

  • Q&A 



  • Make yourself comfortable

  • Wear a top open at the neckline

  • Cleanse your face 

  • Choose a face oil 




"Sadie's workshops for FLAURA were a joy to host and an even bigger joy to participate in! She was able to keep the audience engaged and provide really valuable content in a clear, enjoyable and professional manner. I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Lena Aisha, Founder of Flaura Wellness

"Our facial massage workshop with Fix Up Feel Good was everything we wanted and more! It was the perfect balance of relaxing and informative. I left not only feeling fabulous, but with some great new techniques I could carry on with myself. We had such amazing feedback from our community about the event, that we're running one again!"

Nicki Coe, Co-Founder of LUNA + LION

"Partnering with Fix Up Feel Good for an online facial workshop was such a delight. Sadie has such a great energy to bounce off and from joining in on the treatment myself, both my skin and my heart felt warm and glowy!"

Eve Williams, Founder of The Ede Store